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Furnace Cleaning Port Hope

Are you the owner of a home or business in Port Hope?

When you need a dependable, qualified team to perform furnace cleaning services, look no further than the expertise of Breathe Easy Solutions.

We are a well-established team of duct, dryer vent, and furnace cleaners, committed to providing the highest quality of service. We use the latest and most powerful equipment and resources to quickly remove accumulated dirt and debris from your furnace. Our furnace services will ensure long-lasting durability and great performance.

Our clients appreciate our exceptional workmanship, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. When Port Hope residents require dependable furnace cleaning, they know to call us.

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Established Furnace Cleaners

In our Canadian climate, a well-functioning furnace system is an indispensable component of any home or business. Spaces must be adequately heated with highly-efficient and reliable furnaces. However, the constant build-up of dust and other debris can take its toll on even the most reliable furnace.

With Breathe Easy Solutions’s outstanding furnace cleaning services, you can be certain that your furnace ductwork and ventilation systems are functioning at their peak. Our team works meticulously and patiently to ensure that every component of your furnace is in perfect working order and is free of accumulation.

High-Quality Furnace System Cleanings

We use spot removal methods using state-of-the-art furnace equipment and resources. Furnace ducts will be placed under negative pressure by means of a specialized powerful vacuum. As the vacuum draws air through the furnace system, devices are used to dislodge any debris that has stuck to the interior of the ducts.

Breathe Easy Solutions uses the most powerful equipment to perform a dependable, long-lasting vent cleaning. We visually inspect all areas of the furnace components, including boilers and vents, ensuring that they are cleaned to the highest standard.

Efficient Maintenance and Cleaning

Our staff is fully licensed and insured to perform HVAC maintenance and cleaning. We’re committed to working safely and efficiently within your home or business, minimizing disruptions to life as usual. While your furnace will have to be disabled to safely and adequately clean it, it will soon be on again and functioning perfectly.

In no time, your furnace ducts and vents will have been completely cleaned of dust, debris, and other accumulation.

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Signs You Need Vent or Duct Cleaning

Generally, furnaces require cleaning at least every three to five years.

However, certain furnaces will require regular cleaning more than others; for example, commercial furnaces with more extensive duct networks will need to be cleaned more often than those in homes.

Those with indoor pets, smokers, those who suffer from asthma, and those who have recently had water damage may require more frequent furnace cleaning. If you’ve completed a renovation, it is also a good idea to ensure your vents are adequately cleaned.

While it can be difficult to assess your furnace system without being able to see it, there are several indicators that a cleaning may be in order. Dusty, fuzzy, or greasy vents, unusual noises or odors, high energy bills, or lack of heat, may indicate that furnace cleaning is required.

Breathe Easy Solutions will assess the situation and proceed with a thorough cleaning.

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Your Guide to Furnace Cleaning in Port Hope

All through the bitter Ontarian winters, your furnace works hard to keep you and your loved one’s toasty and warm—no matter how low the mercury drops!

But come February, if you notice that your home never quite stays at the right temperature, but your electrical heating or gas bills are higher than ever, it’s time to consider furnace cleaning.

Your furnace is a sophisticated machine. However, most Port Hope residents don’t know the first thing about how their home is heated or how their heater actually works. And the biggest problem about that is because of this lack of knowledge, homeowners don’t get their furnace cleaned as often as they should—and in some cases, they don’t clean it at all!

So what’s the issue? In the grand scheme of things, isn’t it less critical that you keep your furnace clean than say, your bathroom or your kitchen?

You think that now, but then in the dead of winter, if your furnace’s ducts are dirty, clogged with excess dust and fluff, you’ll see your heating costs skyrocket.

Don’t believe me? Why not try Breathe Easy Solutions’ furnace cleaning service and see for yourself—risk-free?

The Importance of Furnace Cleaning and Duct Cleaning

Your furnace is an expensive investment, but it’s a good one to make. After all, your home isn’t much good without a source of heat—and isn’t the purpose of the place you live to keep you protected from the elements anyway?

Good luck doing that when the mercury dips below minus 10 degrees Celsius without a functioning furnace. It’s one of the most crucial elements of any home for Canadian homeowners, and it’s worth putting a little time and money in to ensure your investment stays protected. After all, most furnace companies provide a manufacturer’s warranty—but most crucially, you may only be eligible for a furnace replacement if you keep up with regular furnace maintenance.

What Your Furnace Technician Should Do

Your furnace technician should inspect and clean every aspect of your furnace. Whether you use a gas or electric furnace to heat your home, you want your technician to clean the ducts that let hot air pass through your home but also collect dust.

In addition to that, it’s crucial your technician clean your furnace’s inner workings, including the flame sensor, the area around the pilot light, and the physical area surrounding the furnace to lessen the risk of dust and dirt collection.

Cleaning a Furnace Flame Sensor

A major cause of common household furnace shutdowns is due to a dirty or dust-covered flame sensor. Without this sensor being clean and dust-free, your furnace’s pilot light will shut off. That stops your entire heating system from working—and due to a mechanical problem, that’s easy to fix and entirely preventable.

Your Furnace Cleaning Cost Guaranteed by Our Experience!

When you hire Breathe Easy Solutions for furnace cleaning, duct cleaning, and other regular furnace maintenance services, we guarantee results. Not happy? We’ll put our cost of labour on the line. Why not join the hundreds of Port Hope households that have seen amazing results from their furnace cleaning? Call Breathe Easy Solutions today!